Starcreek Frenchies

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I got my first French Bulldog in 1999, and I was hooked!  This is a comical little breed and their funny little antics will make you laugh everyday!
Our dogs are a part of our family and live IN THE HOUSE with us!

OUR dogs go hiking and even go kayaking with us, but ONLY when wearing their lifejackets.

We believe a well bred Frenchie should be able to go with you anywhere!  Unfortunately, Frenchies can be riddled with genetic health problems, therefore, our dogs are screened and tested to confirm health and soundness.  We can then be selective when we plan our breedings. Breeders will only be able to improve this wonderful breed, by discriminatory breeding practices.  I pride myself in breeding beautiful, healthy, structurally sound and well socialized dogs!

Starcreek Frenchies.jpg 4 years ago
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