Fancibul French Bulldogs

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Oklahoma City, OK, USA

My first-time introduction to the French bull dog breed was in 1992. This was a rare breed at that time.   I watched a  little impish creature running in a backyard coursing in circle 8’s  who stopped to bow at my feet with   the famous “playbow”.  I learned later that this is a typical Frenchie characteristic.  This adorable little creature home went home with me.  Her life was short. However, that  brief encounter with a  French bulldog   led  to a personal  L’Affair du Coeur with the breed of French bulldogs.    By  1994, I had become a hobbyist learning to train and show my Fancibuls.   The   first Fancibul  litter was born in November 1994.  My keeper, Ch Here Tis’ Up ‘n Adam’s Match,  won a 5 pt. major at 6 months 1 week of age over championed bullies  with my very awkward attempt at handling him in AKC conformation competition. I was “hooked” by the excitement of showing and caring for Frenchie puppies, attending AKC dogshows, and researching the breed’s beginning, perusing pedigrees, and the challenge of giving loving and   special care which  a French bulldog requires to be healthy and happy, and the complexities of genetics and planned breedings that are successful.

Fancibul French Bulldogs.jpg 4 years ago
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