Crestagard Frenchies

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Goodrich, MI, USA
10209 Hegel Road Goodrich Michigan 48438 US

A little about me…….it was in 1993 that I lost my last pug, Toots and  I was devastated.   My  constant shadow was gone, my home  was very lonely, and  I yearned for a furry little somebody to kiss and love.  While reading a dog magazine, I came across a picture of a frenchie with his owner.   At that moment I knew I wanted one so,   I began a  frantic search for a frenchie, and within 3 weeks I was the ecstatic owner of my first french bulldog, Louie……For the first year and a half, Louie reigned supreme, learning tricks and entertaining everyone that stopped by.  Well, one just wasn’t enough, and eventually I searched for another to join Louie.  My second frenchie was Prissy…..a pied girl that I adored………Since then I have had many wonderful frenchies, all like kids, all different and unique.  The queen of my heart was Tutti, Queen Supreme….(aka Tori…Ch. Shann’s Toy Story) she went everywhere with me…..slept with me, she was the head Bitch!  Tutti was  my rock, thru tough times and more, she was there to love and be loved.  Her daughter, Sissy, took her rightful place  next to her, and so it continued.  I was consumed by this special breed of dogs, I love all things about them..
  Over the years I began showing my frenchies, Prissy, my little pied girl was the first of them. Although I am not a professional, my frenchies and I have done very well in the show ring.  I have shown many of the  frenchies I’ve bred  to their championships.
  This passion of mine has been a gift to me….these little dogs are a great part of my life, both past, present, and God willing, my future.  So many wonderful things have happened because of them.  
   One important thing as you look for a frenchie:  do your research before you adopt.  Check this breed closely, they do have health issues you need to be aware of.,  Also, get to know your breeder, make sure you are totally comfortable with them, and ask lots of questions.  

Crestagard Frenchies.JPG 4 years ago
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