Caring for a French Bulldog Puppy

Caring for French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are miniature bulldogs with bat-like ears. They don’t bark that often but are very attentive like their larger Bulldog cousins. Frenchies are popular all around the USA and Europe because they’re adorable, but won’t hesitate to protect their owner.

Some Pointers on Caring for Your Puppy

When you love your dog, you give them the world. Here are some essentials for keeping your puppy happy and well.

Regular Bath Times

Your Frenchie, unlike most dogs, only has one coat of fur. Keeping bath time to a minimum is highly recommended so you don’t strip out all the essential oils from the fur.

Of course, every dog is different. You should wash your dog once or twice a month, or you could wash them 5 or 6 times a year. It all depends on your dog, if they like to play in the mud, for example, you’ll wash them more often.

Keep Them Cool

Your dog and heat won’t mix well. Your Frenchie is very sensitive to heat and would thrive in a cool environment.

If your dog is overheating you’ll notice that their tongue is discolored and sloppy. There may be foaming at the mouth sometimes. However, the most notable thing is the tired state that they’ll be in when they’re panting, fighting for breath.

Once this happens, you need to cool off your pup. Take them inside to a room with A/C or fill up the kiddie pool and let them swim around.

Clean Their Folds

The wrinkles on the French Bulldog’s faces are one of its solid trademarks. It’s super important to keep these folds clean.

Most of their folds are moist and are a perfect breeding spot for bacteria. With a wet towel or some baby wipes, clean your pup’s folds to avoid nasty infections on their skin and eyes.

Clean Their Ears

It’s no secret that dogs’ ears accumulate wax and debris. Your Frenchie’s ears are probably full of them right now. Clean their ears using cotton swabs and balls because they’re soft on them, alongside your ear cleaning solution.

While cleaning inside the ear, be very careful not to push the cotton swab inside the dog’s ear canal. This could cause a serious infection that you’re better off avoiding. You can use a flashlight to see how far you’re going in and how much wax is in there.

Nail Trimming

Trimming your dog’s nails isn’t for your sole benefit. Sure, it’s nice when you play around with your Frenchie and don’t get scratched, but that shouldn’t be the only reason you trim their nails.

When your puppy’s nails begin to make a tapping sound when they’re walking or running; this is an indication that they desperately need a nail trim.

You shouldn’t wait until their nails get that long, though. Try to stick to a grooming schedule rather than doing it randomly.

Frequently trimming their nails will shorten their nails quick and it’ll be easy from there on out. Don’t snip away big chunks at first, you’ll cause your pup to bleed. Work in small pieces and keep your dog from squirming by giving them lots of treats.

Tail Pocket Cleaning

A tail pocket is a moist fold under your Frenchie’s tail. If a mixture of bacteria and feces build up in there, then surely the dog is getting a very painful and uncomfortable infection down there.

After they’re done relieving themselves, just wipe under the tail with baby wipes. If you’re going to thoroughly cleanse the area, then you should use soap and water. You may not be ecstatic about how your hands smell afterward, but at least you have a happy clean puppy.

Wrap up

As a rule of thumb, don’t let their nails grow too long, don’t give them a bath more than is necessary and definitely don’t walk them out on asphalt when the sun is burning outside. A well-groomed, hydrated, well-fed puppy is a happy puppy.