All You Need to Know About French Bulldog Tails

French Bulldog Tail

No, their tails aren’t cut off, although it may seem like it. French Bulldog tails are small and cute, not long and fluffy like most breeds.

Do you ever wonder, why is it that Frenchies have really short tails? Selective breeding is why.

What Made French Bulldog Tails Short?

This breed originally comes from England and was then introduced to France. It gained so much popularity from there on across Europe, and eventually the world.

Around the 1800s, French bulldog tails appeared to be longer than they are today. You may be surprised to know that French Bulldogs were used in dog fights. To increase their speed, they were bred with other short-tailed species, which turned them into what we see today.

Thankfully, nowadays the adorable Frenchies we know are no longer being used in bull-baiting or the sort.

When the new generation of French Bulldogs was born, it had less risk of getting rat bites on their tails. On top of that, its speed increased. Don’t be fooled though, short tails are not entirely great.

What Health Problems Accompany Short Tails?

There are mainly three types of tails you could find on a French Bulldog.

  • Straight, low
  • Screw, low
  • Thick root, fine tip

In some cases, when breeders try to breed Frenchies with the screw-looking type of tail, the puppies may have spinal problems. That’s because some vertebrates at the end of the spine are found in the dog’s tail.

To create that look, the vertebrates are squished together causing a condition called Hemivertebra. This condition will hinder the dog’s movement and may cause it to limp. As the dog gets older, the condition only worsens, which is why you need to go to a vet as soon as you notice any symptoms.

Some symptoms of this condition are weakness in their hind limbs, problems with excretion, and pain. You’ll probably notice these changes in your dog right away.

That’s why people have been going for the straight, low tail to breed. Unlike the screw type, the vertebrates are relaxed and not squished together. This allows the spine to align properly and avoid causing physical or nerve damage.

What Other Conditions Could You Avoid?

Under the tail, there is a fold like the ones on your dog’s face called the tail pocket. This area is moist and a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Ensure you clean this area, and the tail with a wet towel or baby wipes frequently. Otherwise, dogs might get an infection. This will be very uncomfortable for a Frenchie and will cause it pain. Should it get that far, use antibiotic creams to soothe it.

What Can Their Tails Do?

A dog’s tail is used for many things. You’ve surely noticed how your dog wags its tail when it’s excited to see you. That means that tail movements are a form of communication. They also aid the movement and balance of the dog.

Just because Frenchies have shorter tails, doesn’t mean that their tails don’t provide them with that too. However, you won’t see them wag their tail and communicate in that manner.

Wrap Up

French Bulldog tails make them a very special breed, though It hasn’t always been that way. Their stumpy little tails make them all that much more adorable and add to their charm.